smile! Our Honeymoon Travel Diary

These pages will have our diary from our honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia! We are flying into Auckland on 19th September and will drive to Rotorua. From there we will go to Wellington, Kaikoura, Mount Cook, Te Anau and Christchurch.


We will then fly to Australia to Sydney and from there to Port Douglas (just north of Cairns).


Can't wait biggrin

Travel Dates

And it begins....

Well, the flight. What can you say. Its long. Bloody hell is it long. And a film selection which includes Pirates of the Carribean wink However food was good and they were pretty much on time. Singapore was wierd mind - bought drinks in secure area of Newcastle and had some from the plane - but they still confiscated them. What was I going to do - magically transform them into nitroglycerin?

Drive from Auckland was surprisingly ok apart from the last 20km which I really began to feel it. The lodge however was well worth the journey. I don't think either of us expected anything quite like this. An upgrade to the separate cabin, the lake on our doorstep, a jacuzzi, fantastic food and wine (are you jealous yet?!) - absolutely brilliant.

First day we've just done some walks around one of the nearby lakes. Photos are available on our gallery here.

After leaving Wildwood we went to stay at Jack and Di's Penthouse which had superb views over Rotorua Lake. Unfortunately we have been rather unlucky with the weather - torrential rain meant we couldn't really use the patio! On the night we went to a Maori concert and meal (a hangi for those that are interested - a traditional meal cooked in the ground with hot stones). We also had a wander around the city with Sonia retching every now and then as the rather potent sulphur fumes hit us!

We drove down to one of the volcanic parks where there are boiling pools of mud, geysers and yet more sulphur lol


Drive down was pretty easy; we both took turns and didn't even get too lost in Wellnigton's notorious oneway system. Must have been ok - only got beeped at once and we are still married wink Staying at Wellington backpackers (and a special hello to Paul and Alison - thanks for the message lol ). My first taste of crocodile last night - Sonia found this pizza restaurant that serves croc pizza. Mental. And yes, it does taste like chicken.

Thats us up to date. Stay tuned for the next riveting (???!!!?) episode!

Well the weather in Wellington remained dire for the whole of our stay! cry We went upto the botanical gardens via cable car to view Wellington in all its glory through the mist and rain! However we trundled on and walked down back to Wellington center through the botanical gardens. It actually feels colder here than in the UK!


We caught the ferry over to the south island. The crossing wasn't too bad but there were a few of dodgy green looking people on the ferry, sick bags were handed out a plenty! The sun shone briefly and Nick managed to get a few shots of the Marlbrough Sounds.We arrived at Pickton to collect our hire car and to our shock they only have automatics on the south island surprised Oh no! Never driven an automatic before but Nick seems to be getting the hang of it. I haven't attempted to drive it yet!!!

We are staying in a nice motel opposite the snow capped Kaikoura mountain range. The weather is still pants and to our utter disappointment our whale watching trip was canceled today due to bad weather. We are absolutely gutted cry It was the only reason why we came to Kaikoura. We are going to try and see if we can get on a tour from Christchurch if there are any available. A couple we bumped into told us that they thought that there might be whale tours from Christchurch or near by. Fingers crossed.smile Instead this afternoon with the weather looking up we headed over to the seal colony next to where we are staying to see the seals. There are great, we got about 2 meters away from one which was sunbathing asleep, only to wake to find Nick macro lens pointing in its face eekwhat and experience! poor mammal. we are currently trying to upload more of our pictures so check them out if you get a mo.

Tomorrow we head off to Mt Cook. Its a long drive when your subjected to Nick's singing!!!eek

Mt Cook.

Long drive? And guess who was doing the bloody driving?! (ducks!) Ahem. Anyway, Mt Cook - thankfully we got some good views en-route as it predictably fogged up and then started hailing when we got there. Should hire us out to the Sahara! Still was an impressive sight and got to see some of the quickly receeding (global warming folks!) Tasman Glacier (after a slight Barry-esq detour getting lost in the bushes with Sonia).

Te Anau/Milford Sound

More photos have now been uploaded! Another day, another drive - and heading for Milford Sound, one of the most impressive fiords in the southern island. Weather wasn't sunny but apparently it gets 290 days of rain a year so a bit of blizzard just added to the atmosphere(!!) Waterfalls cascading off the mountain tops, seals on the side, superb views - absolutely brilliant!


Killer drive - 8 hours in the car.....(100kilometers is the speed limit which doesn't exactly help) - however here, great little backpackers and seems like a cool city. Very English which is wierd.

We went on a day trip out to Mt Sunday which is where they filmed Rohan for LOTR's. We went by four wheel drive, which is just as well because although it was glorious sunshine when we left Christchurch it was torrential rain and mist when we reached our destination. So much so that we didn't actually get to see any of Rohan at all!! Rather typical of the weather which we have experienced throughout NZ!!cry However we did drive out to Akaroa Bay where we went on a nature cruise. The weather was much better and we seen some Hecter dolphins in the wild which was amazing. They're fast little movers though and it was hard to catch a photo of them eek We also seen lots of seals and some penguins which are the smallest the world biggrin


Sidney is wonderful its huge surprised The whole place spans 74KM. The weather is better in Aussieland and the harbours are amazing especially at night when all lit up. We went on a tour out into the Blue mountains, during this tour we seen some Skippies, and Cockatils and also a Koala Ahhhhhhh! The Blue mountains were good. Apparently they are blue from the vapourised eucaliptis which comes from the gum trees. When the light shines through the vapour it makes the mountains look blue. Cool! The next day we went on a wine tasting day out into the Hunter valley. This was also excellent and you probably don't believe me but actually quite informative!!!wink Yesterday we climbed the Sidney bridge. Fantastic!! I've stood where Matt Damon has stood ooooohhhhhh!!! Yum Shame he wasn't actually on my climb!! We got some great shots. We are now on our way to Cairns for the last 4 days of our trip. Oh no work again in less than a week and a really busy time to come back home to!rolleyes Thats all for now folks. Take care.

( And yes, that was Sonia in case anyone is beginning to wonder about me and Bourne boy. )

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